A week In Training

Thank you to @a.runners.diary of Instagram for requesting this blog post. I train for triathlon, but I also love long distance running and cross country so my schedule has to include swims, runs, cycles and strength and conditioning. Although I am a stickler for routines, I find it hard to keep a consistent training plan because I have a full time job and changing race goals. Below is a rough insight into a week’s training.

Monday usually consists of rest after a busy weekend of training. I do my strength and conditioning at home.
Tuesday I do a speed session for running. I go outdoors and run ~2km off-road as a warm up before doing hill sprints, then I go to a field for some intervals before running home to cool down.
Wednesday I go to the gym and do an indoor cycle on the stationary bike. I try to get in 20-30km of hard pedalling, followed by a short, speed session in the pool. My swim is usually only 1km in length but a hard session because I do lots of drills.
Thursday I do my long run. I train my long run on a 5-week cycle; increasing the length by 1km each week so on week 1 I run 12km and by week 5 I am running 16km the length of this long run increases when I am training for half marathons.
Friday is my long swim day. Tired after a week of work calls for training my best discipline; the swim. I usually try to get in 3 km or more of race-pace swimming. This is followed by strength and conditioning exercises at home.
Saturday I run and swim; a brick session of a treadmill session varying the speed I’m running. This run is then followed by another speed session in the pool similar to the one done on Wednesday.
Sunday I cycle, usually a long ride of 60-90km.

I hope this post is interesting! Please get in touch with any other posts you’d like to see up on the blog soon.


Claudia 🙂



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