An addiction burdening society, I have fallen into the uncontrollable grasp of sugar cravings, so I thought I would relieve some of the thoughts I’ve been having by writing a blog post on Sugar.

I’ve always been a ‘more nutella than toast’ kind of spreader, but right now the very thought of sugar actually disgusts me, when eating sugary spreads and jams, table sugar in drinks or sweet foods I feel disgusted in myself and like I’ve failed. Don’t get me wrong everything in moderation is good, however I feel I have got to a point where I rely on sugar to give me my daily energy, I feel dependant on it and like I’m not in control of my levels of sugar consumption. I feel like my body takes over and I find myself eating it without consciously wanting to, like a savage.

I have noticed myself cranking up my sugar intake, more sugar in my tea (and when I rely on tea 7+ times a day I am repulsed by the thought of my many sugar-calories I am consuming just through drinking tea). Luckily I like the taste of tea without sugar too, so cutting that out won’t be a problem.

Being an exercise enthusiast, keen runner and triathlete I am definitely noting a change in my training quality and ability. I find myself getting a drop in blood sugar, hot-cold sweats and dizzy spells when starting a run. I generally feel constantly fatigued, lethargic and like I don’t want to exercise, and that I just want to eat sugar. These symptoms ultimately made me cut work-outs short which led to more feelings of frustration and failure. This is why I am starting now, this minute, with My Pledges below. For the sake of my training this sugar addiction must stop.

I have trawled the internet for medications or magic ways to quit sugar, because I have had numerous failed attempts at going cold turkey, which all led to me having crippling 24/7 thoughts of sugar-filled foods and thoughts of self-loathing, failure disappointment and depression when I did consume sugar. L-glutamine is raved about on the internet for its supposed powers of removing sugar cravings. I have decided though that by pledging to my blog , I am trying one last time at going cold turkey because I don’t want to have to rely on any supplements or medications.

My Pledges:

  • To stop adding sugar to tea/coffee
  • To steer away from all sweet foods completely. Foods such as; biscuits, sweetened cereals, jam/ sweet spreads on toast, cakes, ice creams, chocolate etc.
  • To eat proper meals, to properly fuel my body rather than small meals and lots of sugar to follow.
  • To delete my instagram and all other social media, so that I am not always scrolling through photos of sugary foods, porridge with 1,000,001 sugary toppings and peoples successful workouts which ultimately make me feel worse.
  • To reduce the amount I am baking to once per week, for the cafe down the road so I am not the one trying my bakes.
  • To try choose vegetables over fruits to reach my 7 a day, because vegetables have lower sugar content that fruit

If you have been dealing with a similar issue relating to sugar, feel free to get in touch. My main advice would be to speak up about it and tell someone, because by not talking about it you are probably in denial, and by talking about it you are more likely to be successful in cutting down or even cutting it out with the support of people around you.

That’s all for now!

Claudia 🙂


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